Re: Re: Report: Bucs have discussed extending Glennon


Why would he even consider that? Dude wants his shot and he is not getting it here.

He wants to be a starter and can get much more than 6 mil doing so. We have all seen what is out there as far as available QBs.

Just curious, have you spoken with Glennon?  How do you know what he wants?  The truth is, you don't.  Maybe he is willing to stay with the Bucs at 6m a year until a better situation opens up.  If I were him, I would stay in Tampa at 6m as a backup instead of going to Cleveland.  Remaining a backup in Tampa offers a LOT more long term job security then a starting gig in many other cities.  Maybe he thinks one more year under Koetter will boost his paycheck and number of suitors. The point is, nobody knows what Glennon wants, we can only guess. This whole thing probably is a ploy by the Bucs to drive up his price.  But maybe they also really want to keep Glennon for at least one more year and if they do, the only way that is happening is by signing him to a contract extension this year.

You don't drive his price up with a $6M offer...

Sure you do, by removing the "either trade him or lose him" scenario.  Right now, if he is not traded or extended, it is the common belief he will just leave and the Bucs get nothing.  Even if he only gets a two year extension at 6m each, the Bucs eliminate the "get nothing" scenario; at least for two more years.  So anyone wanting him this year can't hold that as leverage over the Bucs.  It's common sense really.  Negotiations are a battle of leverage and he who has most, wins.

Tell me how sure you are that the Bucs eliminated that "get nothing" scenario.

??? Please explain the question.  Because either you read my post wrong or you think signing a player to a two year extension is still getting nothing?

No agent worth having lets Glennon sign for $6M right now.  If this was a "crafty leak", Licht just undermined his trade value... imo

That still doesn't explain your original question.  The scenario I posted above would eliminate the "get nothing" scenario for the Bucs.  Now if Glennon agree's to it or not, that is an entirely different story. But from the Bucs perspective, it makes a lot of sense.

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