Re: Re: Report: Bucs have discussed extending Glennon


No, freddy... it's the same ol' story.  :-

What is the same old story?  You are jumping all over the place with emotional posts but not making any sense.It is a good move for the Bucs to extend Glennon.  It helps them and will improve his trade value.  Now the team trading for him wouldn't be force into a Brock Osweiler deal on day one.From Glennon's perspective.  A one year extension can also make sense.  Without it he makes $1.5 million this year.  With it he can make $14 million over the next two years and still be in position to sign a big money contract with another team or via trade.Not saying it is the only possibility, but it is possible.  And most important, from the Buc's perspective, it makes total sense.

It takes more than the Bucs, tho'...

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