Re: Re: Report: Bucs have discussed extending Glennon


This would be retarded. Jmo.Seriously, the guy is average at best.Then, you factor in that he's not going to "salvage a season" if winston goes down. IF winston is season-done, tampa is done. No, glennon cannot save us.Noooooooooo! ::)Then, you take whatever you can for him, while trying your damnedest to pull up the price (hope this is that). Because, the alternative is to give him up for nothing, other than capspace, and have to replace him anyway.And, IF the guy IS a baller like some want to believe, he'll want to go somewhere else to start anyway.This is one of two things.Bluffing, or, they don't completely trust winston.Which is it? (And guess the obvious one, plz)IF they truly want him to stay, they need to stop drinking the florida water.

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