Re: Re: Report Claims Rams Made Deal to Draft Michael Sam to Avoid Hard Knocks


Figured I'd just go ahead and add this here. This is regarding the NFL potentially blocking ATL from hosting a Super Bowl due to a state law in Georgia being proposed that would allow individuals with religious convictions to be able to refuse service to someone that is in conflict with their views. I.e. a Christian baker can refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding, etc.

How can the NFL block something that they award?  Does the city of Atlanta have some claim to hosting a Super Bowl I am unaware of?Speaking as a Christian, why would anyone ever want use your faith to discriminate against another person?  What is our greatest commandment, above all others?  Any who believe their deep seated Christian beliefs command them to deny service, or in any way demean another person (because of who/what they are) is not a practicing Christianity imo.I need to hear the argument for how being forced not to discriminate based on sexual orientation infringes on one's religious freedom.  Would we accept racial discrimination based on moral grounds?

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