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I would never discriminate against another person.  I would suggest people keeping their personal life private.    If he wants to sleep with another man, that is his business... until he wants to tell everyone about it.  Then he made it everyone's business and some people are not ok with that.  Once he makes it everyone's business, people are going to feel the way they feel.

This is exactly it.  I don't go around waving my banner and proclaim "straight pride".  I don't get on podiums and announce "Hey, I'm openly straight.  That's my wife over there."  Sexual preferences should be kept in the bedroom.

I am surprised you don't want to go around yelling "straight pride."  I mean, didn't you get upset when they told you and your girlfriend you couldn't get married or adopt? How about that time you got beat up for bring straight? Better yet, what about when you didn't get that job? How about when you were told by your boss that he didn't like your lifestyle choice of having a girlfriend? Yeah, didn't he say if he treated you fairly he'd have to treat pedophiles fairly? Yeah, that was funny!(If the sarcasm isn't coming through its a bit absurd for someone in the majority to say about minorities that suffer discrimination, "hey, I don't run around saying 'hey, majority pride!")