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I know he didn't play in a game but I would have given it to Greg Childs for returning to practice after tearing both patellar tendons at the same time.

Soooo...your comeback player of the year didn't play?

Yes. Childs returning to practice was the biggest comeback in the league this year. Instead of the award going to which player overcame the most adversity it has become "who is the best player that came back from anything".

I wouldnt call a torn ACL just "anything".  Its not like Revis came back from an infected toe nail.  Good for Childs, its a great story.  Im not sure Ive seen a player win the comeback player in any sport just because he returns to practice.  I feel like to win an award with the word "player" in it...they sort of need

That's exactly what is wrong with the award, people emphasize the on field aspect, September-December, and not the actual comeback. Perfect example is Vick, who got the award after coming back from PRISON. The voters don't get it.

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