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So you guys think Vick deserved the award?

Interesting position you put yourself in by asking that.  If I say yes, then you can argue that he barely played and my original argument against Childs contradicts what I say about Vick.  Or, if I say no he didnt, then that supports what you are saying about the voters not knowing what they are talking about.I don't remember who he was up against that year, but IMHO he didnt play enough to warrant that award unless there just happened to not be a clear cut option and he won by default.

Not that complicated and I didn't care about the playing time (he won it after 2010, his 2nd year back, when he played the whole season). What I was getting at is that him coming back from prison, and especially for what he was doing, should not warrant consideration for the award, let alone win it.  Instead of emphasizing the circumstances of the comeback and the hard work and dedication behind it, mentally and physically, voters just go by "who is the best player coming back from something". And an ACL might as well be an infected toe nail compared to double patella ruptures.

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