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Remember two years ago and the guys being "Bucs favorite" to get the job and Chip came out of nowhere?  Then, after that fell through, Schiano came from nowhere?Just sayin'.I wouldn't get too hung up on the Lovie least not when the Glazers are involved...They, more often than not, like those splash/surprise moves.Not too keen on the McKay etc. rumors.  Not too excited about dipping back into the past, for the future.

If Lovie Smith was available two years ago, we'd have been hearing the same rumors as now.  And he probably would be our current head coach.  Yes, the Glazers have always produced HC surprises, but this one just makes too much sense to ignore, surprise or not.

Who knows.I was leaning good with Lovie until all the rumors/reports of who he'd bring with him started popping up.Tedford? Kiffin?GM...Angelo? McKay? Angelo? Ruskell?  Yuck.Scott Reynolds brought up Kevin Demoff as a potential GM candidate.Eh...

Yeah, some of those names/resumes aren't thrilling, like Ruskell and Angelo.  I know virtually nothing about Tedford except he did well in college and his QB's held the ball high, making them look like dorks.  But his system did get them drafted high.  Kiffin?  Do you mean Monte or Lane?  Monte needs to retire.  Lane is, um, not great for PR.

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