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La Canfora has floated  McKay as GM, Smith as HC, and Chris Ballard (formerly of the Bears and currently with the Chiefs) as Personnel Director.  That's a very strong combination in terms of league and football knowledge, although Ballard's would be a lateral move rather than a promotion.  Would McKay really come back, though?  I can see how being a GM would be more interesting than a team president, but he left on some pretty bad terms.I was thinking earlier that a Ballard as GM and Smith as HC would be a good combination and would be attractive to both good coaches (I like the Norv Turner as OC suggestion) and personnel guys.  It also might mean Marinelli as DC, which would be excellent with the team's current personnel.One caveat: La Canfora was insistent that Mike Sherman was the choice during the last HC search.

LaCanfora is making it up as he goes. That statement makes no sense. If Sherman was the Bucs choice then why did he take a lesser roll with Miami?

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