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I am a moderate liberal, I have voted for Obama twice. I am 100% behind the 2nd Amendment when it comes to small arms. When it comes to public issues like pot, gay marriage, food stamps, etc, I side on the liberal side. My issue is with the professor of my English 1A class. I completed my first two essays already, one was about the suffering illegal immigrants go through living here, the second was on how women do not have equal rights. I am a "Liberal" and I am over this bleeding-heart BS. My mother is genealogy addict, I've had two ancestors die at the Alamo, and one die in the Revolutionary War. The entire course content is anti-White man, how do I respond to her in politically correct terms to keep a good grade, but still let her know, without us, the United States of America wouldn't be a country without white men.

1. If life here is so tough for illegals maybe they should go home where it is oh so much rosier? I say that not from the perspective of "illegals go home", but from the perspective that since they don't go back home, life is obviously better for them here than it is from whence they came.Oh, and for the record, I don't consider it a "right wing conservative" trait to expect people to obey the law, and I am an immigrant for the record.2. Ask what rights men have that women don't so that you might be better informed for your essay.

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