Re: Re: Rofl according to bleacher report..we have 2 top 16 4-3 DE’s!


Gholston is about right numerically… at least from my homer esque point of view… Dude is STILL developing.If Ayers was used as a 3 down RDE all of last season - that math also makes sense.11 Games started in 2015 (don't have a snap count - would make for better metrics)Taking the per 11 game production in 2015 and extrapolating that to 16 his number for 2015 would be:14.24 Sacks (top 5)5.76 Pass defensed 2.88 Forced Fumbles69.81 QB Pressures43.52 tackles16 assists= 59.52 combined tackles  ALSO found this on PFF as NYG's best defender (take it with salt - and it was the NYG - worst defense in the league last season)New York Giants: Robert Ayers, ED, 88.5Signature stat: 48 QB pressures (team-high)Finally getting a bigger role in the Giants’ defensive line rotation this season, Ayers delivered in spades after his return from injury against the Cowboys in Week 7. He recorded multiple pressures in every game he played this season, and earned a negative overall game grade only once all year (Week 9 at Tampa Bay).

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