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In less than one year, all the discipline Schiano was brought in here to fix from the Morris years, appears to be gone.The players again are running the show because we have no HC coach that will put a stop to all these mistakes happening over and over by the same players. (Example Goldson had another blatant helmet to helmet hit last week-although not called-the replay clearly showed what he did. Was he fined? Will he be benched?  You know the answer.)The coaching staff has been asking them to stop the mistakes and they asked them nicely and maybe even said please. The HC apparently knows no way to stop it, so it will continue as long as Lovie is here. It's sickeningI am finding it increasingly difficult to watch a full game anymore.  If's awful to have no hope and nothing to look forward to.

I really struggle to understand all the Schiano revisionism. I guess people forgot about players routinely busting coverage, guys losing contain, etc. Your point about Goldson makes no sense. Goldson was never benched or fined by the Bucs under Schiano. He was suspended and fined by the league. The only time he's ever been on the bench without an injury has been under Lovie and that was last week.

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