Re: Re: Rotoworld Podcast: mentions quite a few Bucs prospects


This podcast is a little over 40 mins long and the topics consist of:- The dirty word "analytics"- Why compostive scores matter far more than individual tests- The importance of factoring in weight- Teams who tend to be attracted to top athletes, and in what part of the draft- Why Pro Day times should be considered- And this ridiculously athletic defensive back class

Deep draft for corners. That is why you draft the highest rated pass rusher at 9. Period. And double it up in round two. Bucs are that dire in need of pass rushers!  That is a total fact.

Hmmm, I don't know. Perhaps the Bucs highest rated DE by the time they pick is slotted as a mid first round selection according to them, not 9th overall. If they can't trade down then don't you think it would be more prudent to select the BPA even if it's a LT?

I look at the overall picture and personnel. Currently, we have D Smith at LT and Dot & Goser at RT. Which is fine at the LT spot and serviceable on the right side for a year. On the DE's side we have Ayers on one side and Jacq on the other and not much after that.At the CB position we have Grimes, Verner, Banks, Robinson & Jude. Actually, not a bad group if they play like they have previously before 2015. And most have performed well before last year and have had less issues. This to me could become an area of strength.At the Safety position we have McDougald, Conte, Tandy, Wright.... Not flashy, maybe, serviceable maybe a Sh*t Show too many Question marks!So, with that I see our first priorities as DE and Safety. and depends how they push after the Safety spot as there are still a few out there in the FA market.I can see us go DE #1 & #2, or an OT of the future at #2 (LeRaven Clark) and a Developmental DE at #5. A Safety or a CB who can switch to safety at the #4 spot maybe Worley?Or we sign another FA at Safety and go 1. DE2. OT3. OLB4. DE - Developmental guy5. DT - Would be a run stuffer type6. WR - Speed guy6b. BPA - ?I really like my Trade thought with Denver for Glennon and it would help both teams with their needs Bucs players at Safety and WR in Ward & Sanders plus their 1st and Comp pick in the 3rd. It gets Denver closer to being able to participate in the DRAFT due to freeing their CAP SPACE.We give up Glennon #6a-2016 and a 2017 - 2nd or a 3rd rounder.1. DE1b. OT2. DE3. OLB3b. DT - Run stuffer4. OG/C or WR/RB5. DE - Developmental6b. BPA

This is an absolutely awful way to prioritize your draft board. 

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