Re: Re: Rotoworld Podcast: mentions quite a few Bucs prospects


Agree with Pepsi on the rarity of those types of corners (plus, do we even know how much man we are playing?). A couple of observations (and I also heard that podcast, which was quite good - I'm holding my fire on a lot of the Sparq players until he incorporates pro days):- I think people make a mistake in terms of elevating the importance of "rank;" the reality is there are likely clusters of players who aren't separated by a lot. The difference between 1 and 9 might be huge, but the difference between 9 and 20 might be quite tiny. - Maybe this is just a illusion unsupported by any data, but it seems like teams don't follow much of a "consensus" as they may have 10 or more years ago. I think there are huge differences of opinion on the players in the 2016 draft. - We are mocked VHIII a lot, and he's a Tampa guy, a very good player and an elite athlete - but...we face 2 #1 WRs in our conference: Julio Jones and Kelvin Benjamin. Jones is 6'-3". Kelvin Benjamin is 6'-5". VHIII is 5'10. He gives up an additional 4" in terms of arm length to Jones, and 5" of arm length to Benjamin. Granted, he jumps out of the gym, which helps him close the gap with Benjamin, but not with Jones, who jumps just as high. VHIII is not really a slot guy. So the Bucs - with just Banks as a long CB - are going to take him with their first pick? In other words, they are using the 9th pick on a guy they won't use against the best WRs in their division? I'm skeptical. I'm not saying it's impossible, but that says more about this draft and the no-man's land the Bucs might find themselves than it does about the Bucs' desires.

Great post as usual. I get your point on the bolded, but I don't really agree with it. Monster receivers are getting a double, or shading, even when you put your #1 CB on them. Kelvin and Julio are getting my lesser corner and a safety.  My lock down #1 is going man up on their #2 with 0 help.  Like how the Patriots played with Revis.

That's a good point, and thanks.

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