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I have been an avid bucs fan since moving to Tampa back in 2003. But the rumor around town is other bandwagons have cool-aid and cookies! I am so tired of losing I am about to walk the plank. Please talk me down. I just want to win.

I have been a Bucs fan since birth. My dad is a huge Bucs fan since day one and always had me dressed in Bucs clothing growing up. On game day I would sit on his lap and cheer on my Bucs. This was in the late 80's and all through the 90's. It felt great to finally have the breakout season in 97. I was on the ESPN message board fighting with all the Saints and Eagles fans during the Super Bowl season. No need to walk the plank. I can assure you the winning will taste that much better after all these past dry seasons. I will never stop loving my Bucs. GO BUCS!


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