Re: Re: Saints at Bucs Gameday Thread – “Buc This Year” Edition


I just don't understand people at the game cheering for the Bucs...are they really that clueless?

i don't understand why people couldn't understand cheering for your team.

Because cheering for them today is stupid...plain and simple.

your opinion is that it is stupid...but your opinion is based on what ifs and unknowns.

Cheering for your team to win a meaningless game when in FACT, if they lose, they'll get the #1 pick is stupid. That isn't my opinion...that's a fact.

and there's nothing that states the #1 pick will be better than the number 2.

True, but isn't it better to have your choice? Granted, they may not make the right choice, but if you're picking 2nd, you may have no choice so to speak.

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