Re: Re: Saints at Bucs Gameday Thread – “Buc This Year” Edition


Lol @ " what if Winston stays" . Wont happen.

What if Jameis says:  "Hey guys, I really like baseball and I plan on playing it professionally at some point." ?That scares me more then any of the stuff this board is obsessing over tbh.

He is coming out.  The stress of college life is too much, and now is the perfect time for him to go top, or top 2, with the potential of going to a team located in his "home" state.  Espescially if he wins a championship...then it is a lock.

Have you read/heard any statements that he does not plan on pursuing baseball professionally?  Or that he even prefers football as a career option?I have to believe he's been asked.  I guess I should do some digging. 

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