Re: Re: Saints at Bucs Gameday Thread – “Buc This Year” Edition


Strong performance to end this mess of a year, guys showing you what they have...the top two pick regardless of the outcome, theres hope this team goes out strong and comes in next year stronger with better additions. You act like there isnt one ounce of anything positive that comes out of this game, except that we HAVE to lose just to get the first pick. Then youll go on and chirp about the guys in charge are too stupid to do the right thing. Make up your (censored)ing minds!!! I hope they win just cos it will piss all you pro-Winston/Mariota fans off and youll hate everything this team does in the off season.

I can't believe anyone is honestly this stupid and that this is not a troll post.

I can hear you crying from here. So a person is stupid for thinking this is a pretty solid outing so far, giving no sh!ts about whether we pick first or second and having hope this is gonna be rolling next year? Or a person isnt stupid for crying like 10 year old girls worried about losing and getting 1st pick? Ill wait, I know how some of you are special with your responses.


You did tho.  ::)Seen that Tandy play too.

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