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They always talk. No biggie.I doubt anyone moves, unless its for the first pick. Some team might think he's (tunsil) the missing player, and trade up, but beyond that scenario i believe everyone can get what they need where they are at (at least in this draft).I am suprised at one issue with draft though.The new cba brought first rounders down to realistic proportions. Before that, they were paying #1 drafted qbs like vets. With that said, i would think the overall value of a trade-up would be lessened, or at least congruent with the previous pre-cba trades.Meaning, a team could not trade for less actual value, but that they wouldnt take on such a quick, yet expensive contract on day one. Which in turn would, i would like to believe, cause teams to be a little more "reckless" with their trade-ups than in the past.This doesnt seem to be the case, why not?(Btw, cleveland doesn't count. They'll draft another top qb every season, even without trades.)My best guess...? They still dont want to sacrifice a whole draft for one guy, only for them to, ironically, bust.Also, tampa was one game shy of losing out on the winston sweepstakes. With that in mind, do we believe they draft someone else, or make the trade? I think we wouldve been stuck with glennon, personally. Thank the lord almighty, or lovie.