Re: Re: San Diego Chargers interested in Trading down


I would need to know for sure that Tunsil/Ramsey were there, so a tradeup would have to occur with SD on the clock. Those two are the only ones that I think are worth trading up for. Also, I don't think SD would have much interest in Glennon who I think is our best draft-day bargaining chip, so we'd have to give up more picks which I wouldn't want to do. I think STL could be a possibility to ensure they get one of the QBs.

Hold that thought there for a moment.  They might be interested in Glennon, as Phillip Rivers is on the wrong side of 35, so it might be a good time to start grooming his replacement.  I do agree it will take more than Glennon to move up six spots.  But if that's all it takes, I'd do it in a heartbeat

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