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Everyone is all happy happy and maybe we should be but truth is as of right now, we don't have a HC or a GM. As of right now, all other teams that aren't in the playoffs are at work looking at players, starting the drafting process. Am I happy greg is gone? Yeah, I think it was needed but let's not sit here and pretend that him being gone is the start of something better. Truth is we have no idea who's going to be brought in and as bad as greg was, we could hire worse.I'm happy for a clean slate, but I hope we start to write on it very quickly.

The Glazers have struck out twice in a row and seem lost in hiring quality front office ppl and coaches.  Dom was an awful GM.  Neither of these will be hired by anyone in the NFL as GM/HC.  The Glazers need to hire an actual President of Football Operations that is actually an NFL guy to come in and run the show.  Joel, Ed or whatever bozo has the job now is inept and should be fired as well. 

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