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lol, Blount was the 3rd or 4th RB on the Patriots, I think?  He ran for a good average when he got a chance, but he was deep on an injured depth chart and is still the "one note" back he was here (he had 2 or 3 receptions all year).  he did well against the Bills, but so did Rainey for the Bucs and quite a few RBsCriticizing Schiano for Blount is silly because its so far down the list

One note? Today he was a beast on the return team.

two . .  . today  . . lolI was referring to Blount being a "one note" RB . . . . he's doing his best on what was probably his last chance . . . its a good tean with a great coach . . . he's 3rd or 4th on the chart. on the bench but for injuries.seriously, plenty of reasons to criticize Schiano . .  Blount way way way way down the list . . if even on it

I don't know where you are getting the 3rd or 4th on the depth chart info.  He is their starting RB for the playoffs coming up. And that is with Riddley and Shane Vereen healthy.

well, he's not even on the RB depth chart here . . . he's the 2nd FB, if you look at his weekly stats he played sparingly even when the opportunity presented itself due to injuries and Riddley coughing up the ball. Vereen is also injured (again):"running back Shane Vereen suffered an injury in Week 16 and missed some practice time this week. He is dealing with a groin strain and the Patriots have him listed as questionable"

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