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Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 1mSchiano: I think we're leaving behind a football team that is better than the one he took over. Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 2mSchiano says he thinks they got the quarterback situation right. They got it right late. ( meaning Glennon) Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 4mSchiano says he did get a chance to talk to some players. Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 8mSchiano says he thinks Dominik is an excellent general manager and called him a rising young star. Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 10mSchiano says he thinks the world of Mike Glennon. He is ultra intelligent and he can make every throw." Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 11mSchiano says "I have enjoyed every single day at this job. I learned a ton." Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 13mSchiano says establishing the culture of the team is what he is most proud of. Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 14mSchiano says they made a big decision as an organization including to go forward with Josh Freeman. Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 17mSchiano says he hasn't had time to think about what he wanted to do. Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 19mSchiano says he did not know when he met with players. "I woke up this morning fully focused on the future " Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 20mSchiano wanted to thank the Bucs fans. Appreciated the way they accepted me and my family." Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 21mSchiano says "I'm proud of the culture we created here. On the field I think we're closer than people think." Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 22mSchiano: We didn't get it done and I accept full responsibility for that. Rick Stroud ?@NFLSTROUD 22mFormer Bucs coach Greg Schiano thanks the Glazers, Mark Dominik coaches and players.

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