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I hope for Schiano’s future this humbles him a bit and teaches him that sometimes you HAVE to adjust to your players talent.  I still feel his biggest downfall and why he was so brash when he came in was that he never felt the sting of a pink slip (at a major HC/Coordinator level).  Essentially he felt his was the right way and that everyone had to adjust to him because he was never really proven wrong at Rutgers.  While his schemes might have worked with the right mix of players, in the pro’s you’ll never get that right mix …you have to adjust here and there.  While he may have lightened up on a personal level he never really adjusted his schemes to the talent he had.  For his own good this might have been the best thing to happen to him.  Good luck to him (and Dom) but now its time for the Bucs to move on and hopefully updward.

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