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I always have unpopular opinions. My 2 cents is not worth 2 cents.  :DMiscellaneous1.  Deport Biebs to Canada.2. Cut Miley's tongue off.3. Legalize the green, but be 21 or older for use & purchase.4. Do something about Syria.5. Give some Emmy nominations for Acting to the cast of Walking Dead6. Get rid of the execution system in Texas.7. (6 cont'd) Purchase an abandoned McDonalds in Texas.8. 6&7 Cont'd, Turn the Abandoned McDonalds into a Drive Thru Execution Chamber. Should be able to clear the traffic on Death Row that way.9. Completely for stem cell research.10. Genetically create a Falcon / Raptor hybrid that only eats Crows until Crows are extinct and I can sleep in.Sports Related1. I thought Chris Simms was a good quarterback for us. Still think so. Feel bad about the injury he got, his career basically died on the field for us.2. I think E. Smith was overrated, ran behind one of the greatest lines on his way to the hall of fame.3. Favorite Buccaneer of all time, Warrick Dunn. Not too many share that with me if I recall correctly.4. I don't like the current movement toward safety in the NFL.5. I thought Shaun King was a good quarterback (Admittedly wrong, but it was my opinion once)6. I thought MD was a good GM. Still do. Not opposed to going in a new direction though.7. I liked the Gaines Adams pick and I think he would have done an incredible job as an edge rusher had we had a defense that could push the pocket.

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