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5. Aliens exist.

I don't believe people who talk about UFO's and stuff but in terms of life on other planets in the universe, I am almost certain there is.

Years ago I was sitting by a campfire looking at the night sky, veiled with stars with a friend of mine's father. I asked him "Mr. Griswald, do you think there is life beyond earth?""Look at all those stars, some of those stars have planets that we can't see. This isn't a fraction of the number of stars in the universe, anybody telling you there is nothing else is full of **CENSORED**!" was his response.That resonated with me. Life is a number game, the probability that there is at least 1 planet with intelligent life is astronomically in our favor. Pun intended.

I think it is ignorant for people to believe that this is the only planet with life on it.  There could be planets that have civilizations millions of years ahead of us.

There could be civilizations that have flourished and gone extinct already for a variety of reasons already.

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