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Well, this is the first thread where I haven't been attacked and pounced on for my opinion on the Star Wars prequels. Then again, that's probably cause Escobar hasn't replied to the thread yet.

No, no in this you are wrong. The prequels are incompetently written, directed and acted.  They are awful, terrible, horrific cinematic abortions.

The writing was fantastic touching to both the brain (Palpatine's rise to power, 'ends justify the means' characters like Dooky and Windu, the flawed nature of the Jedi) and the heartstrings (Anakin and Padme's forbidden romance, Anakin's mother's death, Order 66, Anakin's duel with Obi Wan and choking Padme, the birth of Vader) , having extremely emotionally resonating characters with deep arcs, the direction is no worse than the originals, and the criticisms on the acting are based on fans not understanding the characters (i.e, Anakin comes of as wooden and emotionless because 1) He's a Jedi and 2) He is desperately trying to hide and restrain his natrual emotions and teenage angst/confidence which come in conflict with his identity as a Jedi. And I don't know about you but I thought Hayden did a GREAT job in the scene where he tells Padme about the Tuskens as well as the scene on Mustafar in Episode III) They were smart, masterful, cinematic masterpieces that are merely hated on because they are so different from the OT, although personally I believe Episode III is the best of the saga and Episode II is the 3rd best of the saga beguind Empire and Revenge.

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