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Well, Wolfman really wasn't that good, dude. Certainly not a masterpiece. Not as overrated as a Will Smith film, but still rather mediocre.

I'll disagree for a few reasons. The Wofman had a lot of really deep themes on family, societies prejudices, guilt, fear, honesty and religion. It had some extremely deep characters with great arcs and creative, emotionally compelling backstories, phenomenal acting, creepy and fantastic cinematography, pulse-pounding action and an extremely emotional ending. Of course, this is just my opinion, and I would say watch me and reviewreviewer1's review for more if you're still not buying it, but it's over 1 hour long if only to emphasize how underrated it is, and it's essentially done in slideshow form, and he talks fast (If you can handle that, maybe you'll like it)And not all Will Smith films were overrated. I think everybody can agree that Wild, Wild West, Seven Pounds and Shark Tale suck haha, I bet even Smith tries to forget that he turned down roles like The Matrix for garbage like that.

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