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1.      I thought Star Wars sucked.2.      I hate Thursday night football.  Keep it in the Sat, Sun, Mon time frame. Depending on the time of the year.  3.      I can't watch anything animated.    4.      I had a discussion with a friend awhile back.  He had the opinion that all PED's should be legal in sports. I thought he was out of his skull at the time. But I am slowly coming around to the idea.  Its out of control anyway, so if an athlete wants to risk his health for increased productivity, let them go for it. Its not exactly a popular opinion, but it might have some merit.  On a related note, Brandon Browner is sitting on the couch watching the Super Bowl, like the rest of us. Because he failed multiple drug test for weed. And its a indefinite suspension. Meanwhile Goodell is out there doing interviews about how the league could possibly be open to medical marijuana in the future.  And I saw something on the news yesterday, at this years Super Bowl, there are multiple billboards right outside MetLife stadium, promoting legalizing weed.Full disclosure, I don't smoke myself, but I think Browner is getting the short end.

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