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You missed the point of the sand scene. The reason Anakin said that was sort of a metaphor for his own background on the sand planet of Tatoinne, an unloved slave living a meaningless live of misery, with his description of the water planet of Naboo being a metaphor for his feelings for Padme. It was cleverly written, albeit cheesy, but then again this is Star Wars ("At first I was the pupil, now I am the master" "Yes, but only a master of evil!") . Yes, Anakin's delivery is akwawrd and weird, but that's the way he was SUPPOUSED to be. An awkward teenager. Hell, I find myself more emotionally connected with him and relating with him now than I ever do, which is why every time I watch these movies I love them more. And how was Order 66 not emotionally resonating? Or Anakin choking Padme? And if you think I'm trolling, tell that to Quentin Tarantino, Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper, Kevin Smith, Joss Wheedon, Steven Spielberg, Felix Vasquez Jr., Michael A. Smith, James Rolfe and the countless other filmmakers, personalities and even university professors who love the prequels.

There is an old line about how if you need to have a character be boring you can't write him boringly.  You are rationalizing after the fact why he's a bad actor...and even if you think this bad acting was intentional watch the rest of the film and his leaden performance and see that this isn't acting, it is what he does. Now, he's been in other films and been able to act better than this and I'd guess about 75% of the problem is that Lucas is a hack of a director (Empire is the only good film and shocker it is the one Lucas didn't have his grubby paws on) and can't get good performance out of the clone of Lawrence Olivier and Kate Hepburn.You can see the difference between well acted awkwardness in something like Freaks and Geeks and the just badly done acting in the prequels.

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