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MSU reminds me of those clowns that stare at a painting of random splotches of color an “artist” threw against the canvas while blindfolded and talk about how it speaks to mans inhumanity to man and the struggle of the proletariat against the oppressive capitalist patriarchy.Annikin was a spoiled little brat, Pamme was a wooden caricature of a "leader", the emperor was a pathetic attempt at a not very subtle dig at George Bush and the patriot act, different ethnic stereotypes were littered throughout the series like the big nosed alien who owned an akin and just happened to have a stereotypical Jewishh accent.  The.script was so pathetic that even the star studded cast they hired couldn't breathe life into it.  The "romance" was so shallow and artificial that even a teenage girl wouldn't buy it.It was a cash grab, plain and simple.  The only people who saw any "meaning" or depth in the films are people who want to see something so badly they make it up.

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