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MSU reminds me of those clowns that stare at a painting of random splotches of color an "artist" threw against the canvas while blindfolded and talk about how it speaks to mans inhumanity to man and the struggle of the proletariat against the oppressive capitalist patriarchy.Annikin was a spoiled little brat, Pamme was a wooden caricature of a "leader", the emperor was a pathetic attempt at a not very subtle dig at George Bush and the patriot act, different ethnic stereotypes were littered throughout the series like the big nosed alien who owned an akin and just happened to have a stereotypical Jewishh accent.  The.script was so pathetic that even the star studded cast they hired couldn't breathe life into it.  The "romance" was so shallow and artificial that even a teenage girl wouldn't buy it.It was a cash grab, plain and simple.  The only people who saw any "meaning" or depth in the films are people who want to see something so badly they make it up.

1) Wow. Just wow. I try to start a thread where people can share their unpopular opinions without being attacked or insulted, and you call me a clown because I like a movie. You seem to be one of those people who thinks that if someone has a different opinion than you, or sees something that you don't see, then they are wrong. If you really think that then you're the clown.2) Right, because if I grew up as a slave, was told I was the chosen one and the hero of the Republic but treated as little more than a mascot, had my mother die in my arms, had a mentor who was overly critical and was a teenager, I would NEVER be a brat.3) Who is Pamme?4) The Emperor wasn't a dig at Bush, the script for Episode I and II were written before Bush was even running for President. Get your facts right if you're going to be intolerant of others opinions5) Seeing ethnic stereotypes in fictional sci-fi characters...And I'm overanalyzing.6) I already explained why the script wasn't articifial and why the romance was great, but you clearly aren't interested in listening, so it's pointless to bring it up again.7) News flash: ALL movies are cash grabs. If you think otherwise, you are wrong. Even the most honest filmmakers will tell you that the primary objective when making a movie is to MAKE MONEY. And if only the people who desperately wanted to see meaning saw meaning, I guess we have to doubt the credibility of Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper, Quentin Tarantino, Joss Wheedon, Kevin Smith, James Rolfe, Felix Vasquez Jr and countless critics, film professors and fans around the world.I'm not pissed cause you have a different opinion than me. I'm pissed that you treat your opinion like it's not an opinion, it's verified fact, and completely ignore everything I say and just throw insults. If someone came to this thread and said that Batman & Robin was a better movie than The Dark Knight Rises, I wouldn't care. I would strongly disagree, say that I thought Batman & Robin was one of the worst movies ever made, and ask them why they liked it more than TDKR, and surely debate, but I wouldn't throw insults and certainly wouldn't think they were a "clown".

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