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Ketchup is gross. Mustard Rocks."Gateway drugs" are only gateways because they force people to go to a criminal to get them.  A criminal with a strong incentive to get them hooked on progressively stronger, more expensive, and more addictive drugs.People will always use drugs.  The first drug most children us is centrifugal force.People should use more rice as a starch instead of fries.The only things that have killed more people in the past 2 centuries than environmentalism are communism and old age.Rachel Carson is the biggest mass murderer since Mao and Stalin."Society" doesn't make people poor in the US. Other than injury/disability, people who are poor in this country are not victims of anything but themselves.Beatles were amazing.  Too many people just focus on their bubblegum garbage.Gaming consoles suck.  PC is where it's at.We need to bring back Home Ec to high schools and make it mandatory.We need to make Economics a mandatory courseload for 4 years in HS.And ban any Mention of Paul Krugman or Keynes in those classes other than as examples of what not to do.Michael Mann lied and did so intentionally.  The IPCC continues to do so as well.Margaret Meade lied and did so intentionally.Burger King hamburgers >>>>McDonalds.  But it's a tallest midget thing.

...Damn. I agree with everything here except the poor people thing.

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