Re: Re: Sheldon Rankins v Texas A&M 2015


I could point out games where ANY prospect didn't live up to his hype, ANy, hell I can post games of GMC wetting the bed, Jameis wetting the bed, Lavonte David, on and on and onnnnnnnnit happens

This is not about one bad game. It's about a player who only wins 25% of the time and people are mocking to us at No.9. It's about a guy who supposedly " dominated" the Senior Bowl who actually was only winning 50% of the time and was not overly impressive.I have no idea where or why there is so much smoke being generated about Rankins but I am not buying it. It's like all the clueless talking heads heard Mayock say he was a borderline 1st rounder so they started mocking him to the Bucs at No.9.This whole Sheldon Rankins hype machine is a joke. The kid looks lazy and I will laugh when he signs that rookie deal and becomes fat because his number one trait on the field is lazy.

do yourself a favor and STOP putting so much stock in Mayock..he is a complete jokethe fact that you keep referencing him is very telling

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