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Was watching the practices he allegedly was unblockale in and he was winning about 50% of the time in the 1-1 drills. Tretola with his 30" alligator arms stuffed him.Mike Mayock could be heard saying "Rankins is a borderline 1st round player". Meaning he is on the outside of round 1 trying to get in. Not top-10.

Don't know how you could watch the Senior Bowl practice and not be really impressed. He was whipping dudes with a variety of moves: straight bull rush, one arm bull, rip, and an awesome swim (who does that as a DT ?).  You used Aaron Donald as an example and I completely agree that he is not like Donald. Donald has a crazy first step that is unlike anything ever at DT. Rankins has a good but not great first step, but as some writers have mentioned, he has a great second step. He attacks off the second step whether it's with power or an agile move. Kawann Short and Geno Atkins attack off their second step. Like Atkins, Rankins lack of height is a strength since he is always the low man and gets under linemen. He'd be a great fit next to G-Mac as he's a pure gap shooter, while Rankins will engage olinemen and be the second wave.Also, spare me Mayock's opinion, I'd put more stock into yours at this point.

I think he is strictly a 3-4 DE that can 2 gap and eat up blockers. He needs to get stronger no matter what position he plays. I just don't see a 3 technique with him. He is always the last guy up the field. Not enough functional strength to play nose tackle.We will have to agree to disagree about Rankins. He does not impress me.

Yep. Agree to disagree. Good chat though