Re: Re: Sheldon Rankins v Texas A&M 2015


nice in depth Rankins evaluation, and not some embarrassing assessment off of one game

He seems to be taking the same false narrative that everyone else is using and running with it. Look at the very first sentence..."dominating the action playing inside at the 2016 Senior Bowl practices."LOL. Define dominant.Serious question Penny, have YOU watched his Senior Bowl practices?

Watch at the 2:30 mark. Rankins displays the elite quickness and athleticism that coaches drool over. He does need to get more consistent though.

Oh I have seen his explosiveness. He throws it down on about 10% of his reps. Also interesting that scouting report calls the A&M game one of his best games of the year. He had no luck inside, he got marginal bull rush on the LT but never even came close to collapsing the pocket and against the RT Germain Ifedi he was man handled. No bull rush, no speed moves, he had nothing. Sometimes it's a good idea to see what these guys do against NFL level talent. Just because he had a bull rush against Samford doesn't mean he can do it at the next level, or even against top college linemen.

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