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If McCown is kept on the roster then yes he would be a big fan of drafting Mariota since the chance of Mariota being ready to play in the NFL anytime soon is pretty slim.  If they draft Mariota then more than likely Glennon will be either traded or released.  If that happens then McCown will be the starter by default and the Bucs will be stuck with 2 QBs that not going to win games.  If they draft Mariota they better be ready to basically start over with him.  He will need to learn how to take snaps under center, learn how to do a 3, 5 and 7 step drop and when to throw the ball during those drops, read the entire field vs just one side, learn to feel pressure in the pocket and how to step up in the pocket or slide.  And improve his accuracy.  Those 10 yard wide windows he is used to in college will be about one yard or less in the NFL.Last year this time, JFF was all the rage.....he didn't exactly look like it yesterday.