You know it is not such a reach to think Stanley, a real pass-protecting OT, would be there at #9.First 5 picks are Tunsil, Wentz, Ramsey, Bosa and Jack.  Maybe not in that order, but when 5 have been  taken, it will probably be those 5.Balt is the wild card. They need help on their DL and on their OL.  With Balt's 3-4 defense, Buckner is a perfect fit for them.  If that is the case, and Balt takes Buckner over Stanley, Stanley probably falls to the Bucs---ie., SF takes Goff and Phil takes either Elliott or Hargraves,True pass-protecting OT's the kind that can more their feet fast enough to "mirror" are quite rare. In general, edge rushers are much better athletes than OT's. It was Pamphiles'  athleticism that caught Lovie's eye. Stanley could be a long time plus at LT for the Bucs.

It wouldn't be the sexy pick. But the best picks rarely are. I'd be all for protecting Winston. Actually I say we draft at least one offensive lineman every draft for as long as he's our QB.

AMEN ISLAND! I have forever felt this way. Build both sides of the lines with the early round picks each year. That's been my draft strategy since forever.  You can never have to many good Olinemen. If OL is the better pick at 9 then great. I think that's what King is alluding to. It's not like he's saying they should use their first round pick on OL, which I wouldn't be opposed to. I believe he's stating that as long as you have a franchise QB, the focus should be find ways to protect him. I think teams get in trouble because they settle for what they have thinking that by having a franchise QB is all they need. I great Offensive line means a legit run game that forces defenses to stay honest. Plus keeping your Franchise QB protected. I want Winston to be in Tampa for a long time but that doesn't happen if the team completely neglects the OL. Too many people are obsessed with defense, with good reason, that they don't see the benefit of drafting OL. I believe Licht understands this and I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucs pick another OL somewhere in rounds 1-4. Having weapons for Winston is great but protecting him should be most important. If he's what most of us are expecting him to be then he'll be fine as long as he has time in the pocket plus a running game to boot.

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