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If we were 6-0 right now, would you start buying your Super Bowl ticket?

What a dumb thing to say.  What's your take Mark on Lovie's perspective?  By everything he says, he seems to lack awareness about his own team and the state of the franchise.1) Said in the offseason this team would win now2) Repeatedly backed McCown as the starting QB even after horrible play3) Suggests injuries are to blame for defensive woes4) Asks if we would buy SB tickets if Bucs 6-0I very much understand that coaches use "coach speak" and don't want to give advantages away in the media.  I just watched a short ESPN doc on the Herschel Walker trade and there's Jimmy Johnson talking about how he knows the trade is killer (because he'll cut all the players for draft picks) but no one else knows and he can't say anything, so he gets lambasted for it.  I get that.But I also expected honesty and forthrightness (where possible) and intelligent engagement with the community.  That really doesn't seem to be happening, and I'm really disappoitned in that.

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