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This kind of tactic is aimed at the stupid. It will work, the Glazers will continue to make money, and they’ll continue to put the most inferior product the NFL has seen in years on display. After the firing of Gruden, every aspect of this franchise has been replaced multiple times now, from the front office and the scouts down to almost every position on the field. The result has been pure crap. It's not time for patience from the fan base, we've shown enough of that, it's time the owners sold the team to a more competent group. For any of you still giving these people money, you're fools. You deserve exactly what you're getting, a horrific football team. It's kind of like Obamacare, for those who voted for him, you've saddled the rest of us with nonsense. If only Americans would stop falling for transparent marketing strategies. Though I guess that would take some intelligence, silly me.

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