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Okay, let me play devil's advocate. Didn't Dallas play this scheme last season with much the same results as the Bucs are having? Even during the preseason this year. Now it is starting to click for them. Maybe we just need to let the season play out before we start asking for Lovie to be fired.

Keep in mind, there are other possible outcomes.1. We just keep playing bad.2. We grow into an average defense.It's not as if getting better is the only option.Then we get to ask the question, how long is that supposed to take? Because even schiano's defense didn't look this inept out of the gate, and he would've needed a couple more seasons to develop into a top defense, presumably. This is worse than that, so what....give or take five years?Might as well reach out to yet another coach, that would hopefully be creative, and at least get this offense or defense into the "average" ranks quickly.We have just as much chance, or better, that another coach could do a better job. If schiano get the idea. We're spinning our wheels.

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