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Zero chance this team is “built to win.” When asked in the off-season why the team was making so many changes St. Lovie responded changes were needed when a team finishes 4-12. But these changes have been for the WORSE so far.Just as I suspected, after the inexcusable 0-2 start and the blowout in Atlanta, the home crowds are diminishing. Time and time the Buccaneers ask us to make the Ray Jay a home field factor again. Time after time they FAIL to look like a professionally coached team. Guys, I have NEVER seen a team look as bad as the Buccaneers did in the first quarter. They looked like scab players against Super Bowl champions. They SUCKED!What a pitiful excuse for a football team. TOTALLY unprepared, TOTALLY outplayed, a TOTAL failure in front of fans who are getting sick and tired of false promises. Big talk, no walk.This game was so bad the only noise came from the thousands of Ravens fans who were there after the first three minutes. THEY even got board by mid second quarter.Once again, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the laughing stock of the NFL. Once again, an embarrassment. Once again, a GD ripoff.But don't worry......St. Lovie will build on this. There's hope. For a lot of money, he'll sell you hope. I guess he believes arrogance sells. 

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