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Scott, idea that the scheme is irrelevant is wrong. I’m shocked you are that simplistic. You site Mouse Davis and the run n’ shoot as dead and gone but quite the contrary the run and shoot technology is the basis of offenses like NE and even PHL’s.  In fact, it is baked into the DNA of almost every offense that spreads the field and uses option routes on a regular basis. Beyond that, the Tampa 2 is a coverage. You say teams have built Tampa 2 beaters...sure they have. They also have blitz beaters, cover 3 beaters, plays versus man and so forth. Offenses always design to beat coverages. Thing is we have been beaten in cover 2 man, man single high, Tampa 2, cover 3 (a lot) , and pretty much every other way we have tried to cover anyone. BTW, Rolondo McClain's INT to beat SEA yesterday....was Tampa 2 coverage played right.

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