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After all the talk about value and best available player, the Bucs focused on need and reached for a WR with average speed at 7 instead of a potential franchise QB or beast LT in Lewan. Just terrible. McCown or Collins are a reason not to draft players at those positions?Deepest WR draft in years and the Bucs take one at 7. If that was the plan then they needed to trade back. Other teams did easily. Of course the Saints picked a true speed in space player much later in Brandin Cooks. Why is this franchise seemingly allergic to speed on offense?The only thing worse than the Evans pick was the Red Board site being down.Yeah, I know I'm whining but I deserve to after waiting months for that pick.

i dont love evans, but he was a pretty good pick imo.  lewan or any of the QBs would have been just as big of reaches, probably moreso.  big tall WRs that can win the 50/50 ball is a serious weapon in the NFL right now, and always will be.  our current wrs are vjax evans, and 5 guys that run 4.3s.  how is that allergic to speed?

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