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I really like Manziel but I am not willing to trade a future first round pick to trade up and get him. If we can move up a couple spots and give up a 2nd rounder or less then I’d think about it; however, we have so many other holes to be giving up picks. I almost prefer to stick at 7 and see if he slips to us. If he does, grab him. If someone else takes him, then draft the best player available at either O-Line, DE, WR, or trade back a bit and draft a TE. Worst case we are stuck with Glennon for a season and we draft a QB in 2015 when the class is deeper. I think our schedule is pretty tough next year and I am not sure we do much better...especially if we unload some guys and start rebuilding. You are looking at Winston, Mariota, Petty, and possibly Hundley and Bortles (depending on if the last 2 declare this year) as top 15 guys. The Bucs would probably end up with one of those guys.

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