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still absolutely baffles me that people think we should draft a qb when we have GLARING needs at DE and both Guard positionsHELLO (herm edwards voice)We have a quarterback with:- Nearly ideal size- Good mechanics- Great accuracy and zip- Good head on his shoulders- Good chemistry with our #1 WR- Good chemistry with our emerging rookie TE- A hot girlfriend- And stats that read out very much like a familiar champion QB of ours (2002 Johnson had 3000 yds, 22 tds, 6 ints, 62% completion)      - Glennon extrapolated out to 16 games:      - 3200 yards, 23 TDs, 11 Ints, 60% completion    AS A ROOKIEHELLO??

HELLO!!!The reason people are still talking QB is because despite all those things you've listed Glennon hasn't shown squat to lead us to think he can be near a franchise QB.For all the good things people can say the fact remain that he plays scared and has zero situational awareness, you never want to hear either of those things said about your QB let alone both.OH BTW why compare him to the Bull, that was a different era, back when the league had 1 5000 passer in it's entire history, we've had 6 in the past 3 seasons with a chump like Stafford managing it & Brees doing it all 3 years. The league has changed, it's like comparing apples to oranges.

what in god's name are you talking about??? f'ckin alexander the great would play scared behind this sh'tacular o-lineand glennon has way more than zero situational awareness, try a bigger number like 100

Huh?100 out of what, I didn't realise their was an actual numerical scale for it.If you meant 100 out of 100 you really need to take your meds, he doesn't get rid of the ball often enough on plays where he's sacked, even when he has time on 3rd down he picks the guy short of the first down over the more difficult but makeable throw down field, he runs backwards when rolling out of the pocket.Perfect example is we're are behind in a game, he's flushed out the pocket on 3rd down and he drops a yard short of the marker rather than diving.2 minutes left in the game 1 TO and needing a TD, dumpoff, dumpoff, dumpoff even when he has time and people are open downfield BUT we don't want to hurt those pretty statistics with possibly throwing an INT while actually trying to win the game.He has no killer instinct at all

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