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I am guessing with a new head coach the QB position is very likely to be addressed in this draft.Bridgewater is going no.1 overall. He is Russell Wilson but 3" taller. He would be ideal, but its not happening.Bortles is the other guy I like. If he is there at no.7 I hope we can snap him up.  I am hoping that Manziel, Hundley, or Carr get chosen first so that Bortles slides to us. Not a Manziel fan. If you saw Kaepernick this year you would know why. When you are a running QB and you get bottled up in the NFL, it gets ugly real quick.  Kap had a rough start to the year and if not for his great coaching changing the schemes, they may have only won a few games all year. And Kap is like 6'4" 240 pounds. What is a guy 5'11" 215 pounds going to do when he gets corralled in the pocket and cant even see over the LOS? I for one, don't want to see it.

A couple points.Kap and the Niners are playing well now, but it has more to do with Michael Crabtee being absent most of the season, than great coaching.  Bridgewater and Russell are totally different QB's IMO.  Russell is short but built like a brick **CENSORED** house.  And Bridgewater is a toothpick.

It was the changes the 9ers made on offense which got them 11 wins without Crabtree. If they had continued the way they started the season they would have had a really bad year. That was great coaching that got them those wins. Bridgewater has great pocket awareness, is very hard to get ahold of, is supremely accurate and has a great ability to hit open receivers while scrambling. But yeah, he is 6' 3" and Wilson is 5' 11" and both are the exact same weight. Did you ever hear about Russell Wilson, if he was only 3 inches taller? Bridgewater is a Wilson clone and 3 inches taller. Yet they are somehow totally different? How does that happen?If you want to see a toothpick, look no further than our own QB. 6'7" 220?

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