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How in the world are there people who think that McCown is a decent QB and can put up a 300 yard passing game in a win? Not only that, it's against a team that completely blew us out when McCown was in there. McCown couldn't even put 3 points on the scoreboard.

He was in for 12 pass attempts and with an offensive line that couldn't block wind. But if only he played well, since the defense and special teams were exceptional that game.

So you listed McCown's mobility as a positive over Glennon, yet blame the oline for him putting up 0 points. Glennon has dealt with the same terrible oline, and he hasn't been blanked in a half this year to my knowledge.I don't blame him for losing that game, obviously the defense didn't come to play, but it's inexcusable to look that bad against an average defense. It's inexcusable to lose against two backup QBs because your offense couldn't put up more than 2 scores.  What could possibly make you believe that McCown will put up more than 16 pts against the Falcons?

Uhh they were blanked against Baltimore 38-0 at the half, with an INT on the first Bucs drive that led to the 14-0 score. Minnesota ring a bell? How about not scoring in the first THREE quarters? And the team had more penalty yards than passing yards through almost two quarters. And if you think the o-line didnt play better against Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Minnesota and Cleveland than I see no sense in arguing. Losing to 2 backups? Like Austin Davis who just went on the road and beat San Francisco? Tampa wins th first two games if Goldson holds on to the INT and walks in against Carolina and the defense doesn't let Davis, that backup you mention, drive down the field in the fourth to go ahead late. Look, I don't know how McCown will do tomorrow, but since New Orleans, Glennon has been bad. Real bad.Very true Glennon has been terrible. No denying it. Not to say I blame lovie for making the switch but all I know is he can't come back with the same qbs next year. Either gleenon or mccown and a 1st or 2nd round potential franchise qb.

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