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If he starts throwing jump balls to the Dunkaneers maybe . Couldn't get McClown to throw a pass over 10 yards in those 1st 3 games ....and somehow he still managed to keep turning it over.

You're one of the only ones that remembers that with me.Mark, he's going to have to make a lot of completions to reach 300 if all his attempts are for 4 yards. McClown is going to play just like he did in the first 3 games - terribly.

McCown's average completion this year 6.2 per attempt, Glennon's is 7.0 That's a whopping 0.8 per pass completion better. Deep balls are all dictated by coverage and protection to allow them to develop.

I dunno man, McCown was a special kind of awful.  You mention YPA, but Glennon blows McCown out of the water on pretty much every stat this year.stat  YPG  YPA  comp  TD%  int%  ratingJosh  140  6.2  63.2  2.9    5.9      65.8Mike  236  7.0  57.6  4.9    3.0      83.3Those stats are with the same team around them- it does get any more apples to apples than that.  I'm not trying to bust your balls or single you out, I just don't see how the decision to go with McCown makes sense from any standpoint.  Glennon hasn't been setting the world on fire I admit, but he is young enough that there is potential for him to improve and he is playing better.

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