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So you listed McCown's mobility as a positive over Glennon, yet blame the oline for him putting up 0 points. Glennon has dealt with the same terrible oline, and he hasn't been blanked in a half this year to my knowledge.I don't blame him for losing that game, obviously the defense didn't come to play, but it's inexcusable to look that bad against an average defense. It's inexcusable to lose against two backup QBs because your offense couldn't put up more than 2 scores.  What could possibly make you believe that McCown will put up more than 16 pts against the Falcons?

Yep, it's not like a Glennon led offense got shut out through the first 3 quarters against the Vikes just 2 games ago or had 0 points & less than 100 yards the first half in the game before that.Oh and the mighty Glennon hasn't managed to help this offense score more than twice in any of the last 3 games either, the points allowed the first 2 weeks of the season would have also been enough to cause Bucs losses the past 3 games.Your "knowledge" has some pretty major holes in it if you can't even remember stuff from the past month.Don't get me wrong, I have very little faith in McCown getting the job done but don't knock him for stuff your boy does just as bad as him.The difference between Glennon & McCown is like the difference between getting kicked in the balls (Glennon) or punched in the face (McCown), they both suck but the former makes you completely useless for a long period of time while the other might just fire you up.

I'm not a Glennon fan anymore, I'm all for drafting a QB 1st overall. It's just obvious that Glennon is a better player than McCown. Glennon can actually complete a ball over 15 yards to a guy that's not 100% open.

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